Y‘s Revenge

Kris, a 55-year old professor for pathology, has not lived out his clandestine transsexual proclivity except on sporadic occasions. Taking a sabbatical, he has been eagerly awaiting, he undergoes a routine medical check and is caught off guard by the devastating diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Kris decides to go on a journey to figure out whether or not he wants to live his remaining life as a woman and how people will react on his coming out. On his trip, he is surprised by controversial experiences—his perplexed brother, a surprisingly hostile student buddy, unexpected support of his trans identity by an escort girl who becomes a friend. Most of all, he is stunned by Chloé, formerly Leopold, who becomes his mentor and with whom he obsessively falls in love.

Y’s Revenge is a committed plea for diversity and demonstrates that one’s true self is not simply defined by one’s chromosomes.

Lou Bihl

The author (1951) was born in Freiburg, Germany. She is a medical doctor and published numerous scientific publications and book chapters.

Treating and taking care of cancer patients for many years, provided her with insights into the peculiar problems and pitfalls of cancer treatment, and, above all, into the complexity of the human psyche.

Since retirement she is mainly dedicated to her favorite activity, which is writing.