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The election campaign in Southern Germany is spiking, and polls predict a landslide victory for the True Liberals. Their top candidate seems on his way to the presidency in the capital Karlsruhe, until his successful progress comes to a halt as he suffers from a heart attack during his wife’s childbirth. However, he gets unexpected endorsement from a new pandemic caused by an extremely contagious virus that can be fatal for all age groups. Moreover, the disease may be associated with insidious long term effects. The novel with the projected title Rio Is Everywhere will play in the 2030-ties, forecasting what we will or will not have learned from the present pandemic for those to come. Furthermore, the story elucidates how environmental degradation may be related to deadly diseases.

An anthology with the projected title: No Preexisting Conditions will provide insights into the universe of medicine. These stories about the everyday life of physicians and health care workers are both humorous and reflective and will cover a broad spectrum of medical issues, reaching from reproductive medicine to hidden suicide.

The titles will be published in German and English